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In the earthmoving business, tyres are a serious matter. The wrong OTR tyre will not only shut down operation but have a substantial price tag for equipment maintenance and repair. As construction machinery has grown at an epic rate, the tyres required to transport them have also developed. With each tyre costing thousands of dollars and with millions of dollars in projects hinged on the equipment operating at peak capacity, the tyres selected are a critical decision.

At TyreDoctor we understand the construction difference between a radial and bias ply tyre, how to choose a tread pattern based on your projected equipment use and the importance of considering the surface material and estimated load. OTR tyres and wheel components are specialised not only to the industry but the specific equipment and job.

Crane and Telehandler Tyres in Sydney

Cranes are one of the most complex machines on a job site. They need strength to lift heavy loads, stability to support the load, balance to ensure they don’t tip during any movement with a load and the flexibility to travel on and off the road between sites. The extreme versatility can make choosing the correct tyre a daunting task.

The crane’s flexibility requires their tyres to be able to travel at a distance on the road but have the durability and puncture resistance for site work. They need to move at road speed and sit with minimal movement once they reach a job site. Due to the numerous considerations, it is important to work with someone who has the experience to navigate these tricky nuances

Telehandlers are not yet as popular as cranes but are gaining ground since they are more affordable than cranes, and new technology is increasing their load capacity. Additionally, they are more mobile allowing a work crew to get through more work without having to stand by and wait on a crane to move or arrive.

TyreDoctor offers seven different crane tyres in multiple sizes; as well as the customer service to ensure you are confident and supported in your decision from the planning stages and throughout the tyre lifecycle. Telehandler tyres in Sydney require the same considerations as crane tyres; however, they are usually slightly smaller.

Dumper vs. Dump Truck Tyres in Sydney

The dumper is an open vehicle where the load is carried in front of the driver. The dump truck is typically enclosed, with the load behind the driver. What does that have to do with their tyres? Each vehicle has its own load capacity, distribution, and job performance range. The size, load, location and use for each set of dumper tyres will dramatically affect its longevity and effectiveness.

We offer nine different rigid dump truck tyres in multiple sizes and seven different articulated dump truck tyres in various sizes for your Sydney site.

TyreDoctor is a full-service company, with 32 years of industry experience that allows us to provide sound advice related to purchasing wheels, tyres and accessories as well as equipment maintenance and service. Contact us online or give us a call on 1800 897 336 to see how we can attend to your OTR tyre needs.

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