Tyre Repair

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Key Features

  • Purpose-built facilities for a clean, dust-free repair environment
  • Every repair is conducted by technicians with hands-on experience & proprietary knowledge acquired over 32 years in mining & earthmover tyre repair
  • Our primary repair system is Monaflex, but we take an ‘injury-first’ approach to ensure the best outcome for each repair
  • Preventative maintenance repair programs for major mining & industrial fleets
  • All repairs exceed Australian standards and our operations are ISO certified for safety, environmental & quality management systems

Since 1986, TyreDoctor has specialised in hot vulcanised repair of OTR tyres – a craft that requires extensive experience, an in-depth understanding of tyre construction and first-hand knowledge of harsh OTR operating conditions.

Our in-house expertise – hands-on experience and proprietary knowledge accumulated over 32 years in the business – is applied to every one of the 250-300 OTR tyre repairs we complete each month. Our Tyre Repair Manager – who is also a director of the company – personally supervises every repair carried out by our team of OTR repair technicians.

This expertise and attention-to-detail allows us to offer a limited guarantee on every OTR repair we complete – despite the exceptionally harsh operating conditions in underground mining, surface mining and heavy earthmoving applications.

Our Tyre Repair team has an established reputation for consistent quality and reliable turnaround times well below industry norms. We operate our own fleet of specialised b-doubles transporting oversize tyres to and from mining operations throughout the eastern seaboard.

Technicians from our OTR repair team visit major sites monthly for pre-repair inspections. This prevents wasting transport resources on tyres that are unfit for repair and allows us to provide an extensive program of preventative maintenance repairs on 57” & 63” ultra-class tyres for major mining fleets.

TyreDoctor’s modern, purpose-built OTR repair facility, custom-designed handling equipment and proprietary knowledge enable us to continually raise the bar for OTR tyre repair in Australia. Inspections of our repair facilities are available to customers by arrangement.

All TyreDoctor OTR repairs meet and exceed Australian standards and our operations are ISO certified for safety, environmental and quality management systems.

Our Guarantee

All tyres are repaired in accordance with Australian Standards, that is our guarantee. What the customer does with the tyre and where they position the tyre, Tyre Doctor has no control over and therefore can give no guarantee beyond the fact that the repair made complies with Australian Standards.

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