Tyres: TKPH

TKPH is Tonne Kilometres Per Hour of an OTR tyre and is a rating for the load carrying capacity in relation to heat generation.

It is used to calculate the workload of a tyre and is based on the weight and speed the tyre can handle without overheating and causing it to deteriorate prematurely. Tyres have a limited resistance to heat and deterioration of the tyre may begin at an early stage of operation.

Heat increases in a tyre when loaded and when in motion. Choosing the correct tyre with the most appropriate TKPH rating for mine site operations and applications can significantly improve tyre life and reduce vehicle operational costs.

TKPH calculation methods vary between tyre manufacturers. The most widely used formula represents TKPH as (Tyre Load) x (Average Speed).

  • Higher TKPH = Higher Heat Resistance (recommended for long haul cycles) and Lower Wear Resistance (not suited to harsh site applications).
  • Lower TKPH = Lower Heat Resistance (not suited for long haul cycles) and Higher Wear Resistance (recommended for harsh site applications).

To ensure you are using the correct TKPH rated tyres for your site give Tyre Doctor a call on 1800 897 336, or click here to contact Tyre Doctor online.

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