Tyre Life Comparison

Its not apples for apples when targeting OTR tyre life hours.

Recommended tyre life hours for an OTR tyre vary from site to site and has many variables.

It will change depending upon the size of the tyre, the tread pattern and rubber compound , the conditions of the road that it is driven on  (soft, hard) and the load that is carried on the vehicle.

The elements around, like the heat, the cool or the wet will also have a big effect on the life of the tyre.

Most mine sites will have their targeted tyre hours per tyre.

So what can you do to ensure you get the most life out of a tyre?

  • Maintain recommended tyre pressure
  • Monitor tread depth
  • Periodical inspections for cracks and leaks
  • Regular rotation of tyre
  • Removing any debris in the tread as soon as identified
  • Allowing tyre to cool regularly
  • Controlling driver speed and load size

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