Rim Certification

Rim certification is essential in the mining industry to ensure that a rim is safe to use. Most companies will require periodic testing and certification of their rims.

At Tyre Doctor we complete inspection, repair and certification for OTR wheels and rims from 24” to 63” diameter.

How is your rim certified safe for fitment?

1. Inspection.

The first step in the process of checking your rim is a visual inspection of the wheel and components to check for mechanical damage, excessive wear, pitting and visual cracking.

2. Blasting

Once visually inspected and no obvious damage has been identified, the rims are shot blasted back to bare metal to remove paint and corrosion.

3. Non Destructive Testing
Specially trained technicians then carry out Non Destructive Testing* for the wheel/rim components through a magnetic particle inspection (MPI). This exposes any burring, corrosion, cracking and wear. The technician will also check critical dimensions of the components.

4. Section Replacement

Any sections of the rim which did not meet Australian Standards (AS4457.1-2007, AS1171) are replaced. If particular sections have failed,  the entire rim will be replaced.

5. Painting

The final stage of the certification process is painting. The wheel and components are painted to an as new quality with direct to metal coating with rust inhibitors. Each rim is stamped with a unique job and test number.

6. Certification

A comprehensive report including photographs and certification are provided to the customer.

*What is NDT – Non Destructive testing is the process of inspecting, testing or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the item.

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