Outback Doctor, Dentist, Midwife…

Broken Hill has been home base for the Royal Flying Doctor Service since 1936 and is the primary base for RFDS emergency retrieval missions in the Southeastern quarter of Australia’s vast outback. Emergency medical missions are the most famous role of the RFDS – landing on dirt strips, paddocks, and remote highways at any hour of the day or night to retrieve the injured and critically ill.

Yet primary health care services are no less critical for life in remote areas and the RFDS holds more than 16,000 clinics annually, providing the only medical service for many small communities across the remote Australian outback.

The RFDS Broken Hill Base alone provides the only Doctor for an area of 650,000 square kilometres – an area larger than England & Wales! Every morning, flights leave Broken Hill carrying GP’s, nurses, dentists, midwives, and mental health professionals to hold scheduled clinics in remote communities and outback stations, providing essential medical services in homes, community centres and even at the side of the airstrip!

TyreDoctor is pleased to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service with a contribution of $42,000 to purchase three Hamilton T1 Intensive Care Transport Ventilators for aircraft based at Broken Hill & Dubbo.

The Hamilton T1 Intensive Care Transport Ventilator provides portable oxygen therapy and breathing support independent of any oxygen source or external power, filling a critical need in emergency aeromedical retrievals and medical care for remote areas.

The team at TyreDoctor counts it a privilege to support the lifesaving mission of the Royal Flying Doctor Service which is so critically important to the communities of rural & remote Australia.

Royal Flying Doctor Service: “The furthest corner, the finest care.”

The RFDS South Eastern Section has some 275 staff operating from facilities in Broken Hill, Dubbo, Sydney & Melbourne, providing aeromedical emergency retrievals, patient transfers, primary healthcare, dental care, mental health, alcohol and drug programs for remote & rural communities across NSW, Northeastern SA, Southeast QLD and Victoria.

The RFDS South Eastern Section currently provides over 46,000 consultations and transports more than 8,300 patients per year, with aircraft flying over 5.1 million kilometers annually.

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