Newcrest Cadia – Incredible Hulk Loader

Republished with permission from Newcrest Mining Limited Facebook page.

21 April 2020


A rebuilt R3000H loader nicknamed “Hulk” made a notable entrance to site this week.

When LD101 reached 30,000 hours and its rebuild was planned, team members from Mining Production were keen to find a way to raise awareness for mental health at the same time.
After discussions with Benestar, who provide Newcrest’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a decision was made to paint the bogger their trademark green and include promotions for the EAP services. The “Hulk” name seemed a logical next step as the finished product came together.
While the rebuild has taken several months, the team is pleased that Hulk’s arrival on site comes at a time when mental health awareness, and efforts to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness is more important than ever.
Cadia team members, their families and broader communities are facing unprecedented challenges in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Looking out for each other, asking RUOK, and encouraging others to seek professional support for their mental wellbeing remains a key focus at site.

Hulk will be parked up on the Canyon Road for a week before being commissioned and heading underground.

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