Get rid of flats for good

A flat tyre is frustrating at any time! On mining and earthmoving sites a flat tyre wastes money and time and is unsafe.

Let us present a solution! Solid filling…

Solid fill is suitable for small trolley tyres right up to drill, small grader and IT loader tyres. Basically if it’s a pneumatic tyre and doesn’t travel more than 60km per hour it can be solid filled.

Tyre Doctor’s solid-fill solution replaces the air in the with a dense but flexible filling compound, creating a puncture-proof tyre that doesn’t compromise the ride quality or stability of the machine.

Once a tyre is filled it will not fail even in the most extreme conditions. The tyre will run at full capacity until it is worn out. This reduces the expense of repairing punctures, purchasing and fitting new tyres and disposing of scrap tyres.

Chance of machine downtime will diminish giving increased productivity and eliminating disruptions to operating schedules.

Tyre failures and blowouts can also be extremely dangerous, fitting solid filled tyres to machinery decreases risk by eliminating tyre fail sparks, reducing rollover possibilities and improving traction.

If you would like to know more about how your operations could increase safety and save time and money, reach out to us

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