Case Study: Resolving traction issues


Tyre Doctor were approached by a client to resolve traction issues on CAT R2900 Underground Loaders working at a New underground mining project in Australia.


Initial investigation found the mine was using slick bias tyres across their underground loader fleet. However, due to the wet and harsh underground conditions in this section of the mine, it meant these tyres were often driven on soft or muddy soil with concealed rocks and other objects which can lead to early failure and increased tyre wear. Different tyres were trialled, and the client found that the tyre protection and traction on the machines improved with a treaded tyre minimising the tyre spin which is a major factor in increased tyre wear. The tyre that showed the most traction without compromising tyre wear was the Michelin X Mine pattern with its durable casing and tread design.


The mine site was able to roll out the Michelin X Mine across their underground fleet.  The traction issue was resolved by this which lead to a tyre life improvement from an average of 980 to 2100 operating hours as tracked through their Tyre Management System (TMS) giving the site a cost saving of over $30,000 per month.

 Are your tyres having to be scrapped before achieving their maximum tyre life or are your tyres slipping in the wet? Tyre Doctor can help you in analysing what the best tyre is to achieve maximum performance. 

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