Advantages of Australian Made

Here’s some good news, 99% of Australians recognise the Australian Made Logo – the well known green and gold ‘roo.  Australian Made certification is awarded to products that are made in Australia – as the name might suggest! But not only that, they are made to some of the highest standards in the world – they are high quality, made to last and made to withstand Australia’s harsh environment.

Businesses that receive this accreditation must adhere to strict labour, business, safety and quality control standards and environmental guidelines and policies.

Tyre Doctor has received Australian made certification for a range of our products – including the patches that are made (right here in New South Wales) for hot vulcanizing our clients tyres, Tyre Doctors tyre treat and rust inhibitor (used when fitting your tyres) and our range of O-rings.

We are very pleased to have received this certification. Recognising and supporting Australian Made and Australian owned companies supports the Australian economy at all levels.  Australian Made creates jobs and boosts local business, increasing tax revenue, reducing the cost of welfare and many other benefits for our country.

When you buy Australian made products you are contributing to a business that; provides top quality products, treats, and pay their workers fairly, provides safe workplace conditions and where the safety of workers is valued higher than many other countries.

Take into consideration the flow on effects of your buying decisions. By supporting Australian businesses, we’re supporting each other and helping Australia recover from the economic and social impacts of COVID-19.

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