10,000 hours at cowal!

Achieving maximum tyre life in a mining environment requires a “whole-of-life” management approach and Evolution Mining’s Cowal Gold mine has the results to prove it.

“Fit-for-purpose” tyre selection is the essential first step, but consistent attention to tyre management, design and maintenance of haul roads and a well-established tyre awareness culture onsite are equally critical – and can deliver outstanding results.

At Cowal Gold, OTRACO Supervisor Jeremy Wood and Evolution’s Site Operations team have been specifically focussed on OTR tyre life for the past 3 years, working hard at creating a culture of tyre awareness onsite, increasing employee education about the operational and financial impacts of tyre use (and misuse), pit conditions and haul road maintenance.

Cowal Gold Operations and OTRACO’s onsite team should be very proud of their efforts. The target service life for 37.00R57 Michelin tyres at Cowal is 6000 hours. In the last 2 months they have scrapped out TWO of these tyres at over 10,000 hours of service.

TyreDoctor has been a key supplier to the Cowal Gold Mine since its establishment by Barrick Gold in 2006 and we’re proud to be the Supply & Repair partner for Tyres & Rims working with Evolution and OTRACO at the site today.

TyreDoctor congratulates Evolution, OTRACO and Jeremy Wood on the outstanding tyre life outcomes they’re achieving and thanks them for the ongoing partnership we have at Cowal.

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