TyreDoctor: Exceptional Experience in Mining and Industrial Tyres in Sydney

TyreDoctor has over three decades of experience in supplying and servicing industrial and mining tyres to companies in Sydney. We offer a variety of brands of our specialty tyres backed by one of a kind customer service. All our services are conducted onsite or in-house and are never contracted out for exceptional turnaround time.

Mining and Industrial Tyres in Sydney

We offer mining tyres in a variety of sizes and tread types for open cut and underground mining. Our experience working with mining operations have given us the knowledge needed to point you toward the tyres that will meet your conditions. If your earthmoving machines aren’t running, you aren’t making money, so we strive to keep your mining tyres turning.

We supply and service a variety of industrial tyres such as rigid and articulated dump trucks, long-haul trucking or scrapers, graders, and loaders—just to name a few. Our puncture protection provides extra peace of mind that your industrial tyres will help you get the job done. You can view all of our new tyres to get an idea of what we supply, and we will help you decide. Our extensive stock of second-hand tyres might contain just what you need as well.

Speaking Tyre

Sometimes when we talk about tyres it might sound like a foreign language so here are a few terms you might hear:

  • Aspect Ratio is the relationship between the height of the tyre (measured from the bead to the tread) and the width (measured from sidewall to sidewall).
  • Bead is the inner edge of the tyre that sits in the groove, or bead seat, of the rim; each tyre has two beads.
  • Belts are the layers of fibres (bundles of fibres are called cords and are made of steel, nylon, or other materials) coated in rubber that are under the tread and give the tyre its shape and help prevent tread wear and damage from punctures and impacts.
  • Cold tyre pressure is the air pressure inside of the tyre when the vehicle hasn’t been driven for three or four hours.
  • Compound is the composition of the rubber itself and can be varied to handle different conditions.
  • Crown is the outer most part of the tyre which is designed to be in contact the ground.
  • Footprint or contact patch is the amount of tread that contacts the ground with a full load.
  • The inner liner helps to maintain tyre pressure.
  • The load index is the measure of the maximum load a tyre can handle.
  • Ply gives tyres rigidity and is similar to belts but run from bead to bead.
  • Radial tyres have plies that run perpendicular from bead to bead.

Our vocabulary list is nowhere near comprehensive, but they are a handful of words we use when we discuss your tyre needs. If you have any questions about the composition of tyres or want to discuss mining and industrial tyres for your company in Sydney, please contact TyreDoctor, and we’ll be happy to help.

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