Increase Safety and Productivity at Your Site with Industrial and Mining Tyres in Newcastle

Your industrial site or mining operation will be judged according to two major criteria: safety and productivity. Safety helps your site attract skilled workers and allows them to perform their duties with confidence. It also lowers your risk of losses due to on-site accidents. Meanwhile, high levels of productivity allow you to remain competitive and keep running a profitable business. Investing in the right equipment and accessories at your site is a critically important part of ensuring that your site will be both safe and productive.

Always Consider Your Industrial and Mining Tyres in Newcastle—Here’s Why:

The tyres that your industrial and mining vehicles move around on may be some of the most important items in your entire facility, but they are also likely to be some of the most frequently overlooked. However, it is worth noting that your site probably could not operate efficiently without the machines that depend on these tyres for mobility in difficult conditions. The inside of a mine is dark, cramped, and full of sharp objects and steep gradients. Industrial conditions can likewise be challenging and severe. For these reasons, it is vital that you invest in tyres that will allow your most important vehicles to handle predictably and deliver the results you need.

When you set out to buy industrial or mining tyres in the Newcastle area, it is important to think beyond the initial purchase itself. Remember: you want your new tyres to last for as long as possible so that you can save money, but you also want them to maintain their abilities to perform as needed. As such, it may be beneficial to look for a tyre provider who can also offer the following services:

  • Effective tyre repair practices. Save money without compromising the safety of your site by repairing older tyres instead of throwing them away and buying brand new ones.
  • Proactive treatments that can protect your tyres in advance. Look for a company that can treat your tyres so that they will be less susceptible to damage from the working environment.
  • Rim testing and repair. Your tyres themselves aren’t the only objects that will affect your vehicle’s performance. In fact, regulations in Australia demand that all rims be tested before use in mining and industrial applications and that you carry out any necessary repairs before you put the rims to work.

The TyreDoctor Advantage

TyreDoctor can provide all the services listed above. We have more than three decades of experience helping clients in the mining and industrial sectors and have spent that time building our business into a one-stop shop for OTR tyres and related support. Our hot vulcanising repair process can help extend the lifespan of your current tyres, while our puncture protection treatments can help ensure that they are not ruined by encountering sharp objects on your site. We can even test and repair rims between 9” and 63” to satisfy all pertinent legal requirements. Curious to learn more about our work? Call now and speak to someone who can help.

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