Get the Top Industrial and Mining Tyres in Mackay

Finding industrial tyres in Mackay that stand up to the wear and tear of tough jobs can be a long process. For heavy industries like mining and earthmoving, making sure you get the right tyres — and get them fitted correctly and safely — is crucial to keeping your operation running. So, it’s not something you want to rush. It doesn’t mean you have to put up with long lead times on purchases or repairs though.

Getting quality tyres promptly is possible if you know where to look. Experienced tyre professionals can cut down on the time it takes to get your machinery back in working shape without sacrificing quality. At TyreDoctor, we’ve made quick and supportive customer service a big part of our mission. That means you get the right tyres right away and can get back to your time-critical mining or earthmoving projects.

Long Term Provider for Mining Tyres in Mackay

Getting excellent service is all about finding providers who have the right experience. At TyreDoctor, we’re all about off the road tyres and take pride in doing everything in-house. Our team has experience in helping people find the right tyres for any application and assessing the needs of a wide range of earth moving machines. From cranes and dump truckers to graders and loaders, we’ve worked with heavy machinery of all kinds.

For over 30 years, we’ve been supplying OTR (off the road) tyres to mining and heavy industry operations all over Australia. Here in Mackay, we’ve made a name as one of the top providers for off the road tyres by giving our customers long-lasting service and support. Not only do we provide new and used tyres to replace ones that are out of shape, but we can also repair tyres to extend their life safely and efficiently.

Lasting Quality Tyres

It’s surprising how many tyres are abandoned before their time because machine operators don’t realise they can be repaired. At TyreDoctor, we’ve perfected the method of hot vulcanised tyre repair, which can extend the life of off the road tyres significantly. Additionally, by fitting and pressuring your tyres correctly, when we give them back to you, we can reduce the amount of wear they take and even out where that wear occurs, so you don’t have one or some tyres wearing out before the others.

Another aspect that makes a big difference is the tyres you choose at the outset. That’s why we provide customers with top brands, such as Yokohama and Dynamaxx. These tyres are well made, and we’re familiar with which options are best for different applications and conditions. While some tyres are good for open mining, others are better for closed mine applications. No matter what circumstances you’re working in, we can find high quality tyres that will work for you and the machinery you need. Our experienced team will be there for support throughout the whole process and make it as easy as possible for you to get new or used tyres that will last the whole job through. To find out more, or get in touch today, you can contact TyreDoctor here, or give us a call at 1800 897 336.

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