Choosing a Supplier for Mining and Industrial Tyres in Brisbane: The Important Factors

A flat tyre on your personal vehicle is an inconvenience, but not one that often causes major problems. Having a spare handy is not uncommon, and with a little knowledge, it does not take much effort to swap an old tyre for a new one. At a mine or industrial site, though, it’s not that simple — especially when the tyres in question are massive in size and belong to heavy duty equipment. Choosing the correct type of tyre for the job requires knowledge of the environment in which they’ll be used, the needs of the equipment itself, and other factors as well. At TyreDoctor, we can be your partners in determining the best solutions you can access for industrial tyres in Brisbane. We are committed to offering a complete service which enables our partners to select and procure tyres, arrange for their installation, and count on us for maintenance in the future as well.

With mining tyres available from global leaders in this space, such as Michelin, Goodyear, and Yokohama, TyreDoctor takes the time to learn about your equipment and your operational environment. Our on-site services make it simpler to coordinate maintenance and reduce downtime, enabling your job site to remain productive even when a critical piece of equipment requires a new tyre. Our process, built up over more than 30 years of experience, offers a clear and valuable advantage.

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Though we are happy to act solely as your supplier for industrial tyres as you require them, TyreDoctor provides a management service that can translate to major savings over the lifetime of a mining vehicle such as massive heavy-duty dumper. By visiting your site and conducting a thorough inspection of all the tyres currently in use, we can create a report for you to analyse with all the data necessary to decide. We include items such as tread depth, the overall health of the tyres, the state of the rims, and when the next maintenance event might occur. With this data, you could choose to undertake tyre upgrades or repairs as necessary to prevent production slowdowns in the future.

With highly experienced crews and fully equipped tyre trucks, we can perform tyre changes in the field, even in challenging mining environments. In other words, once you’ve identified the vehicles that need tyres, we can move to quickly replace them as needed or on a schedule of your choosing. For damaged tyres that do not merit a full replacement, you can rely on our in-house technicians skilled in hot vulcanisation repairs.

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We offer all these services directly, with no outside third-party assistance. Not only does this offer you savings in time, but it means there is clear accountability for the quality of the results. Don’t let downtime due to damaged industrial tyres slow down your work in Brisbane. Reach out to the team at TyreDoctor to discuss your needs.

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