Three Important Considerations when Choosing Industrial or Mining Tyres in the Bowen Basin Area

Industrial and mining work demands heavy-duty equipment—that’s how it’s always been. You and your crew use a variety of machinery to achieve success on each project, and your vehicles must receive proper maintenance if you want them to operate safely and effectively. The tyres you use for these vehicles are some of the most essential components to invest in if you want to ensure high performance from these machines at all times. Proper manufacturing, sizing, pressure, traction and maintenance all help make sure that your earthmoving vehicles and mining equipment can maneuver as needed and deliver predictable results when you are using them for a project.

What Should You Look for in a Tyre Company?

If you are seeking a source from which to purchase industrial tyres in the Bowen Basin region, it is vital that you consider everything you need your tyre company to provide. Many people do not think past the most immediate problem that they have to deal with—i.e., you need tyres, so you look for a place from which to buy them. However, it is worth thinking several steps ahead if you want to gain the most value from your transaction. Will those tyres ever need to be repaired? Do you have a way to protect them from damage? Can you test your rims and repair them as needed so that your vehicles are always in compliance with the law?

Not all tyre companies in the Bowen Basin area can provide you with the kind of support detailed above, but TyreDoctor can. Over the course of our illustrious history spanning nearly four decades, we have provided a robust single-stop shopping and service solution for our clients in the construction, earthmoving, industrial and mining areas. Tyres in Bowen Basin have never been easier to find or to care for, which is why companies from all over the region trust us and count on our work.

How We Offer Superior Service to Clients Needing Industrial or Mining Tyres in Bowen Basin

We offer the following services in addition to selling state of the art OTR tyres by some of the world’s leading brands:

  • Anti-puncture protection that can make it less likely for sharp objects to penetrate your vehicle’s tyres and deflate them.
  • Hot vulcanising services that can repair damaged or worn-down tyres and help you continue to use them.
  • Testing for rims so that all vehicles you use at your industrial complex or mining site will meet the requirements of applicable Australian laws.
  • Rim repair for a wide range of wheels so that our clients can have any necessary work carried out by our team and save valuable time that would otherwise be spent looking for another service.

The range of services that we can provide through TyreDoctor makes us one of the area’s go-to authorities on OTR tyres. As such, we are trusted by some of the region’s largest clients in the industrial and mining sectors, such as Yancoal, Evolution Mining, and Peabody Energy. Contact us now and learn more about our work.

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