Tyredoctor sales and service offerings for grader, scraper and loader tyres and rims in Wollongong

If you or your company uses a loader for agricultural, construction or demolition purposes, you’re probably completing a task with a strict deadline to meet. Having the right tyres for your OTR (off the road) needs is simple when you rely on the knowledge and expertise of the TyreDoctor team of professionals. Established in 1986, TyreDoctor is distinguished for our prompt, responsive, individualised customer service, and for being a full-service supplier for your OTR tyre and wheel requirements, including OTR tyre sales and repairs, and tyre rim sales, testing and repair.

Because we employ highly experienced professionals, all the services we provide are completed in-house at our two locations in Leeton, NSW and Mackay, QLD. We do not outsource any of our work, so our clients can be confident that we do their work properly the first time. To give you an even greater sense of confidence in our work and products, we source all our tyres, rims, and components from reputable manufacturers with years of experience providing quality OTR products. TyreDoctor sells OTR tyres from reputable manufacturers such as Dynamaxx, Goodyear, Michelin, and Yokohama.

For Projects Requiring Earth Moving Equipment, TyreDoctor Offers a Selection of Grader, and Scraper Tyres in Wollongong

For construction or agricultural projects requiring the surface of the ground to be flattened or necessitating the movement of dirt, rocks or other materials, the tyres you use on these machines can make the difference between the task being completed in a timely, successful manner or not. Workers who utilise these pieces of heavy machinery frequently spend extended periods of time manoeuvring the equipment. For heavy equipment operators in Wollongong, TyreDoctor has a quality selection of reliable grader and scraper tyres that make their tasks easier to manage. In Australia, scrapers such as auger, elevating, open bowl, pull type, tandem and tandem push-pull are frequently used in agricultural settings to clear land. You can count on TyreDoctor to have the tyres needed for your specific kind of grader and scraper machinery.

Tyres for Various Loader Machine Types Provided by Our Professional Staff

In the agriculture field and building trades, different types of loaders are employed for various purposes. If you’re using a bucket, front, front-end, payloader, scoop, skid-steer, skip, or wheel loader, the tyres used can help ensure the project runs smoothly and concludes on schedule. The right selection of loader tyres to meet your heavy equipment needs in Wollongong is important towards achieving those goals.

No matter what type of heavy machinery you employ, you can always count on the highly trained professional staff at TyreDoctor to assist you in selecting the right tyre or any servicing needed for OTR tyres and rims. We’ve earned our excellent reputation with a combination of consistently providing outstanding service to our customers, selling high quality OTR products and parts, and entrusting all work to our own team of in-house professionals. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust you place in us.

Contact TyreDoctors’ team of professionals for all your enquiries, orders or to discuss your requirements.

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