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Earthmovers are exceptionally large machines. Numerous records are created and broken as the equipment continues to grow in size and earth moving capacity. The Guinness world record for largest land-based vehicle belongs to Bagger 293, a massive 96 metres tall, 225 metres long bucket-wheel excavator weighing over 15,500-tonnes. This modern marvel was created by German engineering and used in the Garzweiler mine. It dwarfs already immense construction equipment. Bagger 293 rides on tracks which provide different support and have different requirements than tyres.

OTR Grader Tyres in Sydney

Graders are used in mining and construction to level surfaces and create and maintain haul roads. The demand for massive graders commenced in the 1950s, and 60s when the equipment was used on superhighways and in strip mines. As the machines grew so did the tyres.

Due to their increased size and specialised use grader tyres for Sydney jobs require the unique knowledge that TyreDoctor has built up through 32 years in service. We sell over ten new grader tyre models and offer second hand tyres if you are in a pinch. We will also come to your site for tyre and wheel management, inspections, and fittings.

OTR Loader Tyres in Sydney

Loaders began as buckets on farm equipment, and as their utility was realised the need for more extensive and bigger machinery grew. Not surprisingly the limiting factor in loader growth was tyres. To move these substantial machines is a daunting task and many brands have developed wheels engineered explicitly for this purpose. OTR tyre construction for performance and durability is vital to consider when selecting the optimal support system for your equipment.

A loader can include equipment ranging from a basic skid steer to the two-storey tall Letourneau L2350. Thirteen separate types of loader tyres are available in multiple sizes through TyreDoctor. We understand that loaders are construction workhorses, necessary throughout any construction project. For your horse to operate at full capacity, let us provide you with the correct shoes.

OTR Scraper Tyres in Sydney

Scrapers are loaders and dump trucks combined. Massive wheels move these machines across the job site. They use a blade to excavate dirt, store the removed dirt in a holding area then transport it to the desired location. For big jobs, they can provide substantial time and cost savings. For example, the Caterpillar 657 Scraper can be used to dig, load or dump without assistance from other equipment allowing you to optimise your labour and equipment.

Big equipment requires big tyres, and TyreDoctor sells five different scraper tyres in various sizes. As a full-service OTR tyre & wheel authority, our experienced staff will provide insight on the optimal tyre for your specific needs.

TyreDoctor is a family owned, one-stop shop for your OTR tyre and wheel requirements as we provide all services “in-house”, sending nothing to a sub or third-party contractor. Looking for grader, loader, and scraper tyres in Sydney? Contact us or call us to see how our professional services can enhance your performance.

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