Purchasing and Maintaining Grader, Loader, or Scraper Tyres in Newcastle: A Buyer’s Guide

The Newcastle area is home to a growing number of construction and earthmoving businesses, and all of them depend on heavy machinery to achieve successful outcomes on time. If you oversee such a company, you already understand the importance of making sure your fleet of graders, loaders and scrapers is always able to function the way you intend. That said, you’ve probably taken care to ensure that these vehicles are regularly maintained – but have you considered some of their most important components? Grader, loader and scraper tyres make Newcastle construction companies safer and more productive by helping their most essential machinery run smoothly. When you invest in quality tyres for your equipment, you can reduce routine costs and eliminate risk all at once.

How do Different Major Tyre Brands Stack Up?

The first step to buying loader, scraper and grader tyres in Newcastle is to know what brands you can count on for best results. After all, many companies produce tyres, but not all tyres are the same regarding quality or usefulness. The following is a list of tyre brands that are trusted throughout Australia for various reasons. Familiarise yourself with this list so that you can be sure you are always investing in a brand that will bring value to your business:

  • Dynamaxx: when your company deals with extreme loads, you’ll need tyres that can live up to their demands. Dynamaxx products are specifically designed to withstand challenging conditions, making them an ideal brand for industrial and OTR applications.
  • Goodyear: large companies can afford to devote considerable time to quality control, and the benefits of such tests are evident in Goodyear tyres. Since they come from one of the largest tyre brands in the world, these products undergo rigorous safety testing performed by the company’s in-house engineers.
  • Yokohama: well-rounded products can provide support in a wide variety of conditions, and Yokohama tyres deliver unprecedented versatility. The company focuses on making tyres that can provide all-season performance and maximum comfort for operators, making them a user-friendly option suitable for many kinds of work.
  • Michelin: high-performance and longevity are the two main advantages that this company brings to the table, making them a favourite brand among industry professionals who want to invest in long-lasting products of exceptional quality.

Find Support for Your Scraper, Grader and Loader Tyres in Newcastle

Once you have narrowed down your search and decided on the right tyre brand for your heavy equipment, you will need to buy them from a source you can trust. TyreDoctor can provide you with more than just new tyres for your vehicles—we also offer puncture protection, hot vulcanising repairs, and rim testing. As such, we represent a comprehensive solution to your tyre-related needs. Learn more about how we can help you by calling us at your earliest convenience and speaking to a professional member of our staff.

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