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The business of earthmoving is tough and demanding work, but it’s an effort that is foundational to many larger efforts. Whether it is cutting away from the earth to make room for a road or grading a path for heavy vehicles to use for transit to and from a mine site, it is vital work where major delays can equal major costs. Therefore, it is critical for those working on such operations to be able to depend on their equipment. Outfitting heavy machinery such as a scraper or a loader with the right tyres from Brisbane is essential to avoiding delays and ensuring better, more consistent operations. Sourcing these special products requires experience and understanding, however, due to the rigorous demands placed upon them in the field.

TyreDoctor is a consummate service provider, delivering an exceptional experience in everything from the initial supply of tyres for your loader or grader fleet to their fitting, maintenance, and more. We house all these services under one roof, guided by years of our development in understanding industries, to provide you with a single point of contact and a more streamlined service. Consider the wide variety of product available from TyreDoctor and how our staff can be of use to your crews in the field.

A complete source for scraper tyres in Brisbane

The ability to perform in adverse environments is one of the most important factors to look at when selecting tyres, especially for a grader or scraper. Consider that while these tyres must be strong enough to resist punctures, they must also provide solid grip and traction — especially for a grader, whose job is to tame uneven terrain. Without the ability to grip and move upward at an angle, the vehicle can’t perform its job. Likewise, a scraper must have tyres that can handle a very rough, uneven ground condition, as may be the case where rock debris is strewn around the area.

As part of our commitment to providing the strongest grader tyres for Brisbane businesses, we ensure access to products by major brands, including the DYNAMAXX MS202. Other brands we proudly stock include Michelin and Goodyear, providing you with access to global quality in your pursuit of more consistent operations. With a large catalogue, we can easily help you outfit your equipment, be it a loader or another vehicle, with the tyres that best match the requirements.

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TyreDoctor also offers many accessories, enabling you to equip an on-site workshop with many of the tools needed for typical tyre changes. However, you will also find that we provide excellent on-site service as well. Ask about our ability to survey and assess the condition of all the tyres on your fleet of heavy machinery or enquire about the capabilities of tyre trucks. From quickly changing a damaged tyre out for a new one to total rim replacements, we can handle it all. Contact TyreDoctor today to determine what your equipment needs to perform at its peak.

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