Scraper, Grader and Loader Tyres Available in Bowen Basin

Your heavy-duty machines allow you and your crew to move earth effectively and lay the groundwork for your most ambitious projects, so it’s vital that you take good care of them. Maintaining a fleet of graders or loaders can be hard work though, and sometimes it’s easy to overlook certain details that can have major ramifications on a vehicle’s performance. For example: the engine in your scraper might be running like a charm, but if it’s sitting on damaged or worn-down tyres then it might not run effectively and could even pose a safety hazard. Make sure your heavy equipment is always ready for action when you invest in grader, loader, and scraper tyres in the Bowen Basin region.

What to Look for as You Shop for Grader, Scraper and Loader Tyres in Bowen Basin

Investing in tyres is about more than just buying them. It is possible to purchase tyres from many places in the Bowen Basin region, but the company you buy them from should be able to do much more than merely sell them to you. Additionally, they should be ready and willing to provide you with services that can ensure your tyres last as long as possible and always perform at their best. Try to find a company that can assist you in the following areas:

  • Tyre repair: choose a company that will be able to bring your loader, scraper, or grader tyres in Bowen Basin up to industry safety standards, so that you won’t have to let a little wear and tear stop your vehicles in their tracks.
  • Puncture protection: look for a company that can make your tyres stronger than they already are and help them resist punctures from sharp objects and on-site debris.
  • Rim testing: safety regulations dictate that all wheels and rims over 24” need to be successfully tested and properly certified before being used. Choose a company that can offer accurate and non-destructive tests for your OTR vehicles so that you can remain in compliance.
  • Rim repair: if the tests conducted by the company you have chosen show that work is required, it’s best to have chosen a company that can take care of the necessary repairs themselves. Make sure you select a tyre solution that has the equipment and experience needed to perform such maintenance.

Let TyreDoctor Help

TyreDoctor can provide you with the service you need for your scraper, grader, and loader tyres in Bowen Basin. We have been thriving since 1986 by offering comprehensive tyre services for clients with OTR vehicles throughout the region. A large part of our focus has been on supplying, repairing, and testing tyres specifically for vehicles used in the construction and earthmoving industries. Our commitment to customer service and fast response times makes us an invaluable resource for busy professionals in these sectors who do not have time to waste. Contact us at your first available opportunity and learn more by speaking to one of our professionals.

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