Keep Your Earth Mover Running Longer with High Quality Earthmoving Tyres in Wollongong

There is so much riding on the tyres of your earth mover. As the only point of contact between your heavy machinery and the ground, it is essential to ensure that they meet high standards for both quality and performance. If you are looking for earthmover tyres in Wollongong that are built to last, or need service or repairs on existing tyres, you can rely on the professionals at TyreDoctor to keep your machinery running smoothly and safely under the harshest conditions.

Why Attention to Detail is Key for Earthmover Tyres

Over the years, heavy machinery, including earth movers have grown larger and taken on more significant payloads to meet higher demands. As a result, these bulked-up pieces of equipment need tyres that have also been scaled up to meet increased performance needs. It’s no secret that big tyres, such as most heavy earthmoving tyres, in Wollongong or elsewhere, are expensive. Replacing the tyres on your earth mover could easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why it makes sense to take proper precautions and to be confident that your tyres are appropriately selected and maintained.

One way to do this is to read all markings on the sides of your tyres carefully. These sidewall markings are intended to give you important information, such as the tyre’s recommended load capacity and suitable types of use. When buying new tyres, you should choose carefully. All earth mover tyres, be they in Wollongong or anywhere else, should have a sidewall marking of “E” to meet the international classification for earth mover tyres. By selecting the right type of tyres and paying attention to these seemingly small details, you could save yourself the frustration of future setbacks, liability or losses caused by improper tyre usage.

Where to Get Service or New Earth Mover Tyres in Wollongong

Since 1986, TyreDoctor has supplied high quality earthmover tyres for Wollongong and other parts of eastern Australia. As a full-service supplier, we are a one-stop shop for all things OTR. We carry premium, heavy-duty tyres from some of the most industry-respected brands, including Michelin, Dynamaxx and Yokohama. If you are uncertain about what kind of tyre you need for a particular environment or application, we can help you find the perfect fit thanks to our extensive experience and range.

In addition to selling new tyres, we also offer complete in-house servicing on industrial OTR tyres of all types, including earthmoving tyres, and can repair punctured or damaged tyres using a hot-vulcanisation process that can salvage otherwise lost tyres without requiring long service lead times. We also offer onsite fitting, rim testing, inspections and reporting for all tyre types, including earthmoving tyres, at our Wollongong location. Our experienced team can identify potential issues and recommend the right kind of tyre service that will help you avoid major on-site problems.

Make sure you are taking care of your earth mover machinery and its tyres throughout their life cycle. Contact TyreDoctor today to learn more about how having the right tyres combined with the right service can make a significant cost-saving difference in your operations. Our responsive and knowledgeable team is standing by to help.

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