Maintaining Earth Mover Tyres in Sydney

TyreDoctor understands that your company’s earthmover tyres are a substantial investment that keeps your business running at peak performance, which is why we strive to provide exceptional customer service in Sydney. We offer onsite fittings, tyre management, and inspections just to name a handful of services. We also want to share some tips that your crew can follow to help you get the most out of your earthmoving tyres.

Handling of Earthmoving Tyres in Sydney

Earth mover tyres require proper handling, or they could be damaged and need repair work—or even worse—must be taken out of commission. For example, care needs to be taken to lift them, so the bead is not damaged. The bead is the edge of the tyre which fits into the groove of the wheel and pressure keeps it in place.

You should never hook the tyre to lift it because it places the full weight on the bead. Instead, you should lift the earthmover tyre from the bottom tread using a forklift or similar equipment that can handle the weight. We have tyre lifters that clamp onto the sides, but care still needs to be taken not to squeeze the tyre out of shape. Your crew needs to be aware when a tyre is suspended, so that nobody is underneath or near it.

Earthmoving tyres that are tubeless come with protectors on the beads, so they don’t receive damage during storage and handling. Keep the protectors on the tyres until mounting and store the protectors so they can be put back on when the tyre is removed for servicing.

Storage of Earth Mover Tyres

We have all seen worn tyres that have become cracked and destroyed because they were improperly stored. Proper storage can increase the life of a tyre not in use. For example, ozone deteriorates rubber so don’t store your tyres in the sun or near arc welders and mercury lamps. Sunlight not only helps produce ozone, but it is a source of UV rays that will cause damage as well. In fact, they should be stored inside if possible.

Hydrocarbons and other organic solvents can destroy the integrity of the tyre by seeping into it and dissolving certain components, so be careful what chemicals are stored and used near your tyres. Earthmoving tyres should be stored upright so the shape doesn’t become distorted; you should line them up as you would books on a bookshelf. The storage area should have plenty of room, so equipment used to move them can used without hitting other tyres and equipment. Tyre components should be stored in the original packaging or on shelves which will protect them from damage.

We hope you find our tips useful and they extend the life of your earth mover tyres. Please contact TyreDoctor with any questions you have about your tyres or our services. Your tyres are our passion, and we can’t wait to help you with all your needs in Sydney.

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