TyreDoctor for Sales and Repairs of Earthmover Tyres in Mackay

TyreDoctor is your one-stop shop for all your off the road or OTR tyre needs. We supply Michelin, Yokohama, and Goodyear earth mover tyres as well as rims and components. Over the last 32 years, we have honed our skills in hot-vulcanised repairs of OTR tyres, and we perform all our services in-house.

Vulcanised Earthmover Tyres and Repairs in Mackay

Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanisation in the first half of the 19th century, and it revolutionised the tyre industry. Rubber latex is a natural material from trees, and it becomes soft and sticky under high temperatures and hard and brittle under cold temperatures. The reaction to extreme temperatures made rubber less than perfect for tyres.

Goodyear discovered that if the rubber latex was mixed with sulphur and heated under pressure the resulting rubber was durable and more stable at different temperatures. Usually, rubber is made of long chain-like molecules, but the sulphur connects the long chains together which makes the rubber stronger. The process is known as vulcanisation after Vulcan, the Roman god of smiths, however, Goodyear didn’t name it. The Goodyear tyre company was named in Charles’ honour even though there is no connection between the company and Charles or his family.

Today the most common product made from vulcanised rubber is tyres including the large OTR earthmoving tyres with which we work. Some other products that use it are gaskets and rubber seals, soles of shoes, and hockey pucks.

We are skilled in the process of hot-vulcanised repair of earth mover tyres, so you be confident that the repair is stable and durable. For additional information, you can read about our earth mover tyre repair and view pictures of the process.

We can also make earthmover tyres resistant to damage by filling them with a urethane fill, so they don’t deflate when pierced or cut. A treatment called Tyre Guard self-seals in the case of a puncture. Both procedures don’t prevent the puncture from occurring but keeps the tyre useable and saves your company expensive downtime.

Earthmoving Tyre Sales in Mackay

We are experienced earth mover tyre dealers for several OTR industries. Our sales include new and second-hand tyres and some of the industries we provide tyres for are underground and open cut mining, crane, grader, scraper, loader, and dump trucks.

Our earthmover tyres are different from regular car tyres in several ways. Standard tyres are designed to be driven on relatively flat and smooth roads. Just as the name implies OTR tyres are built for uneven terrain, and they can withstand the tremendous weight of the trucks. They have extra deep treads to gather traction on rocky roads and are extra heat resistant to endure long and hot work days.

Our earthmoving tyres in Mackay are specialty tyres for large equipment. If you are in the earth mover industry in Mackay, then contact TyreDoctor for all your earthmover tyre needs. You won’t find a shop with a more knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

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