Upgrade your earthmover with earth mover tyres in Bowen Basin from the Tyredoctor Earthmoving Team

The tyres on earthmoving machines can take a lot of wear. No matter what you need off the road tyres for — from crane operation to mining — making sure the tyres you’re using are in good shape is a pressing concern. Worn out tyres can cause costly damage to your equipment, not to mention the safety issues that can come with ineffective or improperly fitted tyres. In fact, badly fitted tyres are a huge problem in the earthmoving industry.

There’s a lot that can go wrong. While a tyre might look like it’s been properly fitted, some issues don’t become apparent until they start causing problems. One common issue is when part of the tyre bead isn’t fully positioned in the bead seat, which can happen when the air compressor used to position the tyre bead isn’t powerful enough to entirely place the tyre. It might look like the bead is correctly set, but down the road, even very small sections that aren’t wholly fitted can separate causing all kinds of problems.

Testing, Fitting, and Everything in Between

It’s so important to make sure your tyre provider has the experience and dedication to get it right the first time. If you’ve been using worn out or ill-fitting tyres, it’s time to upgrade to a more reliable set of tyres.

Thankfully, finding high quality earthmover tyres in Bowen Basin that will last without too much wear is easy. At TyreDoctor, we’ve been in the business of providing OTR tyres for over 30 years, which means the tyres we offer are well tested for the kind of work you need them to do. Our experienced team can get you set up with a new set of tyres right away. Or, if you intend to keep using your current tyres and just need testing, our team can provide that too. Crucially, we can help you determine if the tyres you have are fit to keep working or if replacements are needed to keep your earthmoving equipment running smoothly.

Find Earth Mover Tyres in Bowen Basin Fast

People sometimes put off getting their tyres checked because the process can be time-consuming and cut into your ability to meet project deadlines. With TyreDoctor however, you can get earthmoving tyres in Bowen Basin quickly and easily. We know that your time is valuable, so we make a point of providing service promptly and making sure we get any repairs or fittings done right the first time, so you don’t need to keep coming back. It’s never good to be in a position where you’re choosing between getting the work done on time and making sure your equipment is in good shape.

That said, quick service doesn’t mean inattentive service. With the option for on-site repairs and fitting for some of the tyres we provide, we try to make it as easy as possible to keep your equipment in good working order and will approach each job with individualised attention and care. To get in touch with TyreDoctor and to make sure your tyres are up to date, give us a call at 1800 897 336, or click here to contact TyreDoctor online today.

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