Tyredoctor is the best source in Wollongong for crane, dump truck, dumper, and telehandler tyres

One of the most crucial responsibilities of owning and using large construction and mining equipment is ensuring the machinery is equipped with reliable tyres that can handle every job it’s tasked to complete. If your business has a heavy equipment division, then you are cognizant of the importance of having the right tyres. Ensuring your industrial equipment is ready for use at all times is a critical task. Not only does it ensure the safety and well-being of your construction crew and those onsite, but it also saves your company time and money by enabling machinery to work as it should and potentially extending the life of the equipment. This, in turn, protects your business from expensive replacement costs or the loss of construction projects due to poorly- or non-functioning equipment. If your company employs industrial style machinery, TyreDoctor has a full complement of products to meet your needs for heavy work equipment such as your crane, dumper, telehandler or dump truck.

TyreDoctor Supplies Dump Truck and Dumper Tyres Throughout the Wollongong Region

An articulated dump truck, rigid dump truck or dumper used at industrial sites in Wollongong requires specialised tyres made explicitly for industrial vehicles. These trucks are specifically designed to traverse extremely rugged terrain, such as the ground surface found in industrial build sites. Tyres made for these types of heavy machinery are durable, can handle rough ground surfaces for demanding short-term and long-term construction jobs, are a reliable means of transport and can handle low, moderate, and high-intensity work conditions. We also sell heavy equipment tyres that come with self-cleaning tread designs which are not only effective in removing excess levels of soil, sand, and dirt from the tyres to keep them clean; these special treads also reduce the potential for sharp-edged stones to breach the grooves of the tyre.

Choose from a Selection of Crane and Telehandler Tyres for Wollongong Industrial Worksites

If your company or construction project utilises a crane or telehandler in Wollongong, you’ll want to make sure the tyres on those pieces of machinery are equipped to handle the job. Depending on the type of project, industrial construction work may involve the use of one or more cranes, including loader, mobile, overhead, rough terrain, telescopic, tower and truck-mounted cranes. Regardless of the type of crane utilised, TyreDoctor has a variety of tyres to meet your specific requirements. Our range includes all-terrain, multipurpose, self-cleaning and all radial season tyres that provide exceptional traction on soft land, rugged ground, ice and snow-covered surfaces. We also sell tyres that are specially designed for high-speed mobility and traversing long distances. We also sell tyres for telehandlers. Whether they are being employed to move loads and pallets or utilised with a bucket attachment, the tyres used are crucial to ensuring the stability of the telehandler. TyreDoctor is your best option when it comes to finding the right crane and telehandler tyres.

Before you buy heavy equipment tyres for your next project, review our selection of OTR tyres and contact us if you have any questions.

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